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About us.

We are an engineering consultancy and a sustainability advocate. We work with businesses at a corporate and facility level to manage and reduce energy costs.

Our beginnings

Founded in 2007, Huxham Energy Consulting was established to help businesses big and small businesses to go green and reduce energy costs.

Our philosophy

  • We believe sustainability initiatives can have a net cost benefit to a business.
  • Investing in energy saving measures should simplify facility management, not burden it.
  • Our engineering approach to tackling energy management delivers strong, practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our concerns

  • There is unfortunately a lot of confusion and misinformation about environmental sustainability on both sides of the marketplace; business and consumers.
  • We are concerned that due to misinformation businesses are investing in energy saving products that don’t deliver on their promises.

How we can help

With have expertise and proven track record in energy management, energy efficiency, energy audits, energy procurement, energy reporting and renewables. We are well placed to help our clients achieve their business goals while reducing energy costs and their environmental impact.

Why choose us?

We are a small specialised energy consultancy. This enables us to offer:

  • Lower cost services compared to larger agencies with greater overheads.
  • The same level of expertise and professionalism.
  • A high level of personalised, one-to-one customer service.

We believe this not only provides superior outcomes to our clients but it is the way we prefer to engage with our clients.

About Gareth Huxham

Gareth is an engineer with long history working in sustainability and energy management. Work includes energy auditing, greenhouse assessments, NGAC auditor, energy procurement, energy efficiency, renewable energy assessments, ocean energy, sustainable farming.
Gareth founded the Energy Smart Strata research initiative in 2013 to drive energy efficiency and improve energy management in the often overlooked strata sector.

Our clients



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