Energy bill shock is a real issue for new businesses

Bill shock is a real issue for many new business operators

Operating costs for electricity and gas are often difficult to estimate, and with energy costs at record highs it can be a shock to discover exactly how much it costs to power a business.

We have worked with many new businesses owners with high costs:

  • A new fish aquaculture facility was operating at an energy consumption level well beyond the original system design, significantly increasing costs.
  • A local restaurant was taken over by new owners who discovered costs were much higher than they anticipated.
  • A consultancy firm upgraded to a new larger office only to find electricity costs had significantly increased.

Regardless of the type or size of the business the steps to reduce costs are the same:

Conduct a billing analysis:

  • Is you site on the best retail rates?
  • Is your site on the right network tariff.
  • Is your site on the most cost-effective metering arrangement.
  • Is there a passed on legacy of high costs and extra charges from previous owners?

Conduct an energy audit:

  • If you have invested in a new business the plan is to be there for the long run.
  • Dont just think about the cost of this month’s bill or costs for the next year. Think about energy costs for the next 5 years.
  • Over the next 5 years your business may be spending anywhere from $100k  up to $1M just on electricity.
  • Long-term there is a clear cost advantage for any new business owner to conduct an energy audit.
  • The energy audit will identify the best options to manage and reduce energy usage and costs.
  • Investing now in an energy audit is the best way for new business to reduce ongoing operating costs.

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