Still waiting for Energy Australia

As an energy consultant we deal with energy retailers on a daily basis.
While many energy retailers provide quick and effective customer service Energy Australia has been dragging the chain.

Noticeably the wait time to call to the commercial clients customer service line is often incomprehensibly long. On many occasions we have been on hold over 45 min. And this is the customer service for their big commercial and industrial clients! Other energy retailers often have dedicated account managers with a direct line, or at least their general customer service line will take your call in under 5 minutes. For any business owner or building manager a wait time of 45 min just to enquire about an electricity account is unacceptable.

But, beyond our qualms with Energy Australia’s horrendous wait times over the phone, the bigger issue lies with their billing system.
Several of our clients moved onto a large business contract with Energy Australia that started back in February. And… over 3 months later they are still waiting to receive their first monthly bill. Some sites are still being issued bills under a now expired contract. As monthly electricity costs can be significant it is important for businesses to be billed promptly to avoid being lumped with many months worth of bills in one go.
Energy Australia’s excuse is that they moved to a new billing platform last year and they still have a backlog.

It appears that since the take-over by TruEnergy their system is in a mess. On several occasions when we talked to customer service we are told that they can not access a particular account as it is in a different billing system in the Sydney or Melbourne branch.

If Energy Australia cannot process and bill a new account due to issues with their billing system that occurred over 6 months ago then it really does beg the question: why should you give Energy Australia your business? As the incumbent retailer in Sydney it appears many businesses see it as too hard to move to another retailer, but for many businesses it can be even harder to stay with Energy Australia.

There are plenty of efficient energy retailers with great customer service who may not be any more expensive then Energy Australia. If your business has high energy costs then it is important to understand, manage and reduce your costs. For this you will need an energy retailer who can help, who can speak to you on the phone, and can actually send you your bills.

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