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We work with businesses big and small across Australia and New Zealand to manage and reduce energy usage and costs.


Our steps to reducing energy costs

1. Identify

Our energy audits are a comprehensive tool to investigate and help reduce site energy usage and costs. Our energy audits identify the most cost-effective and practical options to reduce energy usage. This includes upgrade with new high efficiency lighting, upgrade and improve control of HVAC equipment, install power factor correction and voltage optimisation, solar power, hot water systems, pumping, office equipment and demand reduction strategies. Our energy procurement services help keep your energy costs down by tendering for the best electricity rates, assessing network tariffs and other energy charges (carbon tax, environmental, metering).

2. Implement

We manage energy efficiency projects, monitor and report on energy and cost savings. We conduct energy efficiency project audits, don’t rely on energy assessments from product suppliers. Seek independent advice on the cost-benefits of an energy efficiency project and ensure any investment delivers real, long-term energy savings.

3. Report

Our energy reporting services provide an all-in one solution to track energy usage and costs and identify any variations and opportunities for cost reductions. Our reports summarise all key performance, energy usage and cost data. They include a billing analysis to look at a range of energy charges to assess options for cost savings. They conduct a high-level assessment of interval data to identify any discrepancies in your sites pattern of demand that may be increasing costs.

4. Manage

Ongoing energy management is critical to achieving long-term energy reduction goals. We work at a corporate and facility level to assist the long-term management of energy usage and costs. Providing expert advice, project management, project audits and reporting services we deliver useful tools to aid the management and reduction of energy costs.

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